Monday, July 6, 2015

Aspies in Love: The Rosie Project

I just read this book, and enjoyed it. It was a nice read. The hero is more of a scientific "aspie". Remember there are different types of Aspies, somehow the science and math skills bypassed me but I related to a lot of his character, the social mistakes, the not understanding social nuances. He is a high functioning Aspie who has become a genetics professor and researcher.  In the book, the main character is on the look for a wife, and calls it "The Rosie Project". When I dated I actually wrote lists and did a very specific single ad, so I guess I had my own "husband project" just not as formalized. Many Aspies never date but there are those who fall in love and do marry like myself. I would say the majority are late-bloomers when it comes to love. We aren't the ones being chased by dozens of would be suitors in high school.

Sometimes I wish not every Aspie in fiction was presented as good at math, and very neat, those qualities do not apply to all of us. The book was a sweet, uplifting novel. The two characters share many good times together and some of the conversations they get in, reminded me of ones I had with my husband as we were dating.

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