Friday, July 24, 2015


Zines are very creative. In the 1990s, I collected zines, and even Fatso!? was among their number. Temp Slave was probably my most favorite. Fact Sheet Five would tell me about new zines I could order.

 Even writing this blog is kind of an outgrowth of my zine experiences where one takes personal life and writes articles about it. My favorite zines were always the personal life ones where people talk about things they had gone through.. Is there any wonder why my favorite comics was American Splendor written by Harvey Pekar?

At a store in a huge city specializing in alternative magazines and zines, I even recently purchased some health zines where people detailed living life with chronic illness.  I know blogging slowed down zines somewhat as the Internet took over but it's back in a big way. My husband had a zine--which specialized in music in the mid-1990s, I co-wrote at least one article in it. It lasted for a few years but was a very good one. Very soon, I'll attending a zine fest.

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