Friday, July 24, 2015

Fat Acceptance in Australia

Some of this video is right about wanting fat people to be happier, but as you know I have posted my reservations about HAES and disagree with many aspects of it. I have read Fat Heffalump's blog before. Yoga is not something I am into.   They are correct about standing against the discrimination and negative "surveillance" of fat people but my beliefs about HAES remain the same.


  1. Hi Peep, I'm wondering what you think of the Roloff family dynamics - the family in "Little People Big World." It's interesting to me that they have one child who seems to have it all, a black sheep child, and a child who seems to have fled the family. Then there's one more child who, maybe, is a flying monkey, but I'm not sure. The parents are publicly having a very messy divorce. I'm interested in your analysis.

    1. I used to watch the show a long time ago but the parents got my nerves to the point I quit watching the show. I thought they were both spoiled as hell, that wealthy and all they did was complain. The father was a workaholic with endless stupid projects who did not know how to enjoy life at all and the mother was so shrill and complaining and screaming. If she yelled that much in front of the camera and was always angry how would she be away from it? They were so horrible, I couldn't bear the show anymore and I quit wathcing it. Who do you perceive as being the black sheep, I haven't kept track enough to know? Zach or Jacob? Jeremy is definitely the GC which is interesting since he is not a Little Person.


      Another one I think is a total narcissist is Kody from Sister Wives and both 19 Kids and Counting parents--show now cancelled--Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

    3. Definitely Jeremy would be the Golden Child, I think Jacob is the Black Sheep (and also ignored), Zach is the "loser" or flying monkey, I don't really know which, and Molly seems to have fled, so maybe has been a scapegoat or just ignored. I also quit watching because the parents were so unbearable. I had to catch up when I heard they were getting divorced.

      The thing I wonder about is whether the mom was always like that, or if she was driven over the edge by being married to Matt. I know another couple who divorced, and the wife was a shrill witch during the marriage, but after they were divorced she was totally different and pleasant. It was like he had brought out the worst in her and when she was free of him, she was ok again. I try not to judge when people divorce, since you never know what's really going on in another person's relationship. People don't share about affairs, abuse, and stuff.

      I agree about Kody and the Duggar parents.

      Maybe you have to be a narcissist to agree to "star" in a reality show about your own family.