Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"Get Over It!"

"The narcissist will first hurt you (beat you up, say unforgivable things, cheat on you, scare you senseless, drive so recklessly that you think you and your children will die, steal your money, vanish for days/weeks and ….fill in the blanks) and if you don’t accept it after a superficial apology and a few days, they will be furious. They will then do a blame-shift and scream and yell at you for never letting go, for being unforgiving, it is YOUR fault they “had” to do it and they “can’t live like this”. The intensity in their anger along with their entitlement and indignation will through you completely off guard. They are so sure in their own rights, portraying YOU as a horrible and unforgiving person, that it is hard not to believe them.

You are not entitled the normal amount of time to heal your bruised soul, your shattered heart or your broken trust. They narcissist TELLS you how to feel and WHEN to feel it. If you contradict their story telling by feeling the opposite, they will tell you that you are WRONG, you are over dramatic, you are SHAMELESS, cold, unforgiving, always criticizing, never allowing them a new start and you are a …. NARCISSIST (!) that makes everything about YOU. You are BAD for being hurt when they hurt you. You should only smile and accept it, no matter what they did to you- get over it already."

Watch out for anyone who tells you how to feel including their enablers and flying monkeys too.

"You are Entitled To Your Feelings"

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