Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fat Man Doesn't Fit in Car

I can't understand his accent but this shows how much smaller cars can be for fat people. I am seeing cars more and more that are even SMALLER which makes one ask, why is that happening as people are getting fatter? I dare say they probably are smaller in Europe and Australia then even here...


  1. I think the cars in Australia are smaller than those I have seen in the USA. I had to sell my last car as I could no longer fit comfortably. I have a van now and I have to sit in the back and it is far from comfortable. :(

  2. Yes I just was looking at that truck and it seemed a lot smaller then ones here, though there are some giant trucks here, but then the very fat person would have difficulty [including me] getting up into them. I am glad you have a van. I can fit into the front of my van and even behind the wheel, but find myself wondering about how newer cars seem even smaller, agree about it being far from comfortable, the leg room is even less now and tall people too are in trouble!

  3. He looked like he was too tall as well. I drive a Tacoma and I have no idea how someone over, say, 5'8" could possibly be comfortable driving it. All this reminds me of the new subway cars NYC bought in the 1980s, made not in the U.S. but in Japan. The seats were too small for American bottoms.