Monday, August 5, 2013

A Waste of Time

There are plenty of brainwashed individuals in this society proud of their own obtuseness. They think if something worked for them, it will automatically work for you. They deny your reality and invalidate you. I think this sign could apply to many fat people as a whole, or how about in society in general? One thing I try to be careful about wasting time on those who have a hatred for truth and are not seeking of it in any way shape or form, this applies to many facets of life.


  1. Thank you for posting this, Peep. I have recently had two online discussions with people bound and determined to misunderstand and distort what I was trying to say. I guess I would have to alter "who you are" to "what you think," but what I think makes up a large part of whom I am!

    I read your post about your health and felt so much pain. My problems are not as severe, but sometimes I feel hopeless and ready to give up. Please know I am thinking of you.

  2. But you live in such denial of truth yourself and really you have this backwards. If something won't work for you or you don't want it, you don't think it can work for anyone or you don't want them to have it. You're like a Tea Party Republican. You don't want anybody to have any choices you don't approve of because you know THE TRUTH!

    I haven't thought about you in a long time and then I was typing something else when my browser bar popped up your URL. Interesting, the first thing I see. This is as far as I'm going to go.

  3. Dagny, where did I say I didn't want anyone to have WLS? you work in the industry as you told me, you are bound to have another opinion. One thing, I am not a Republican, haven't you seen my posts about the two sides of the divide. I told you I think there should be better options then $50,000= dollar surgeries to rearrange someone's innards for obesity, if someone wants to take that spin of the roulette wheel, that's their choice. If you were someone that knew your death risk on a surgery table ran at 50-50, maybe your view of it would be different. By the way, I do believe in truth, the problem is with obesity there is so little of it which is why we are stuck with what we are and not much else.

    1. Oh good grief. I didn't reference WLS at all. You invent your own stats and facts across the board for whatever you write about. This blog is your own tiny invented world.

      I didn't say you were a Republican, I said you behaved like one. You do. You invent facts to suit your opinion.

      I do not "work in the industry." I'm in commodities trading. I self-published a book out of my own personal interest to write a book and people contact me. If you think that constitutes "work in the industry," perhaps that's why you struggle with employment.

      Point proven.

    2. You told me you worked in some capacity with a WLS center, I hope I don't have to go dig up the actual quote. Perhaps that was in the past? I know you said it somewhere.

      Name facts I invented...

      I want three listed here...

      be specific...

      I am writing about personal experiences and more here.

      "tiny invented world" because I won't get back in line?

      I've been on the internet long enough to know people will go to websites to contest alternative points of view.

      I think it's funny you call me a Republican. I think both parties stink. Think outside the right/left nonsense for once. How do I behave like a Republican? I hate Fox news.

      Commodities training? You mean derivatives? Interesting world. You probably wouldn't want to hear my opinion about that stuff either.

    3. This is the fourth time I've come back to this page this morning, trying to figure out what I might say here and there's nothing really. Nothing I could say to you will matter. You'll read and believe what you want to. It's your blog, you'll have the first word, the last word, and everything in between, even about me.

      I had a weight problem and I got it fixed many years ago. If I had to face what you deal with I don't know what I'd be doing by now.

  4. Anon thanks for your support. I have had a lifetime of being told I am "full of it", "full of crap", "a liar" and told "you are wrong about everything". Sick in this culture? Well you must have done something wrong! Add obesity into the mix and it's a recipe for disrespect like no other. [see above] Sometimes it feels like I am talking to brick walls. I feel like it's Groundhog Day for me sometimes, over and over, such as when I was having the huge 30lb a day weight gain and no one would listen and I almost died. Thanks regarding my post about the health. Please don't give up. I feel like it sometimes so I understand. Life for the severely obese can be hell on this earth, and well, the invalidation and more that comes automatic with it, wears people down like a dripping faucet. Write me anytime if you need someone to talk to. {email on profile} I sometimes get behind on emails here but will write you as soon as I can. I'll pray for you too.

  5. Hi, Peep. I tried to find your email on your profile, but didn't succeed. I am trying to memorize the quote on the poster because it means so much to me. I am doing a little better, and I can always tell because the skin on my fingers stops fissuring. Right now I am serving as hospice nurse for my eleven-year-old rescue dog who has diabetes and probably Cushing's. If she can't stop losing weight, she'll just fade away. I mentioned on Dances with Fat that the vet said stress contributed to, if it didn't cause, her diabetes, and I was amazed and wondered if any human doctor had ever realized that as a possibility. I'd love to write to you but don't know how. I'll give you my gmail address: Tobysgirl725.

    And Dagny needs to go find another sandbox to play in.

  6. Here is my email, Please write. It is a good quote on this poster, also a reminder not to waste our time trying to convince people of our worth, if you have to convince them and realize you are talking to a brick wall, then time to get away. Hope your skin on your fingers improves. I used to have some of that problem where they'd crack in the middle. Sorry about your rescue dog, do the vets admit the Cushings? The diabetes is probably removing the weight, I have heard from others, if your diabetes grows severe enough, and you stay alive, that weight even in a human being will start coming off. Diabetes and stress has a huge stress connection and so does Cushings, I spent time on Cushings discussions board where they discussed how trauma and stress contributed. There are subsets of Cushings caused via stress even to the human person and some believe that pseudo-Cushings has that anxiety stress, component. Please write me. Agree about Dagny. I'm not into the weight loss surgery "gospel" still believe they came up with the most painful harmful invasive treatment they could that makes the most money and doesn't even work for most, does for a few, and good for them if they wish to choose the gaunlet but why would I cheer for it?