Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Weight Loss, and Fat Camps

I found this what looks like to be an enjoyable fat camp even for women but it's for those with big bucks. A week at this place costs over $2400 dollars and a month over $8,000. I guess if you are rich, and or just won the Lotto, you could go sign up. I sometimes used to dream of the Lotto and then being able to hire a doctor to figure me out, one multimillion dollar Powerball, and I could have had endocrinologist right on staff and an organic chef cooking all three meals a day. I'd go to this place or one like it. Maybe it would help give one a boost? But then I probably know most of the health stuff they would teach What would they think of me unable to exercise without bloating up? Already eating organic cereal in the morning? Already basically a GMO-grease-processed snack food avoiding would be "foodie"? And seeing no results? But hey they at least look like they promote a degree of health which is always good. Spas always have seemed to be an interesting thing to me. Like a vacation that helps you become healthier.

For my wealthier readers here's a few other fat camps:

American's Top 10 Weight Loss Resorts

I knew about this program at Duke too.

For folks of my caliber many do go into "nursing homes" or other rehab centers, think Brookhaven. I figure as long as I can walk, I do not want to do this. My goal in life is to avoid the nursing home, but I do wish I could afford more intense help. I really need some folks who are around me for a long period of time, to assess the health problems, eating habits--how on earth am I maintaining so much weight, and my challenges in the exercise. My doctors do admit and accept many of those challenges including the metabolic ones, but the problem I am facing is what do I do now? Even with exercise, and yesterday I cleaned my apt, including mopping and wiping down counters, doing it the slow but steady way, with more to do today, and my walking, but bloating like crazy for every movement I make. The word "frustration" doesn't even begin to describe it.

I wish there was more help for fat people out there, besides just for the very wealthy or a "nursing home". A lot of people do judge you, what if you say, but "I am trying my best and getting nowhere?" It's scary.  Maybe one of these places could help someone who can afford it.


  1. I hope you enjoy this story. When I was 13, my parents wanted me out of the way for the summer so they sent me to a camp with HORSES! My oldest sister who is mentally ill told me they sent me to camp to lose weight. I didn't bother telling her it was an odd place to send someone to lose weight because 1) we were allowed to eat all we wanted and the food was pretty good, and 2) no one seemed to think I was fat. There was a group of us girls who were horse-crazy and some of us were a little chunky, and nobody cared.

    My acupuncturist told me what I need is two months (I'd settle for a month!) at a spa with no worries, no chores, etc. I had already figured this out and knew that before Europe got caught up in austerity, rest cures were still ordered for ordinary people. How many of us would feel immensely better if we could just leave our daily lives behind for a short while?

  2. That sounds like it was a good experience, glad they did not find a bonifide fat camp, where it would affect your self esteem badly though I think today's fat camps are different then the ones of old.

    Glad you enjoyed the horses, I was kind of afraid of heights and such and never have been on a horse, now way too fat. But I am glad you were into them and enjoyed it. Your parents probably sent you there saying well all the horse back riding will make her thinner.

    I believe in old fashioned rest cures, why can't we have them back. I suppose since I am disabled, some people would consider my whole life a "rest cure" but it would be nice to be cooked for and taken care of for a week and no NOT like the hospital, that stinks! LOL I haven't been on a real vacation since 1992, where one has a week of sleep-overs somewhere else. Think last time I was in a hotel room overnight for one day was 2 years ago, but that was a short trip and 2 days long. Europeans are more sane about vacations, many Americans are too poor to take them, and the outdoor life except for the healthy and young and those who live on farms has become more for the well-heeled and I don't think that is too good of a development. I never got to go to camp, but I got to go to religious retreats when I was a teen with my church youth group [my family was Catholic and I left the church later as an adult and became a born again Christian] but these 3-4 day retreats were good in that you could get to walk in the woods, sleep in cabin, have people to talk to and hang out. We need more stuff like that now, where people can get away and have rest cures. I even think if people with more moderate or mild problems were sent on rest cures with supportive people along with them to be company, it would serve people far better then being sent to the locked down mental hospital. I am sorry to hear things are changing for the worse there and you are losing your rest cures. I think a lot of people would feel better to leave their daily lives behind. Just getting a new view of the world would be nice and time to think away from it all for all of us. I worked at a camp when I was 19 going on 20. Was an arts and crafts director and camp counselor so that was interesting seeing how camp was for kids.