Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Childhood Obesity Linked to Emotional Issues

Childhood Obesity Linked to Emotional Issues

Depression and stress itself can lead to weight gain, but what about the bullying and the stigma?

I am not sure how they plan to deal with this problem.

The researchers said the findings suggest there are extensive and complex interactions between body composition and emotions during child development.
“The early identification of children at risk of developing these combinations of physical and mental health problems may enable interventions that can help to prevent progression to more serious physical and mental health problems in later life,” said Professor Mark Wahlqvist, the senior author of the study.

I remember all the bullying I got as the fat kid in school, there of course would be physical and emotional problems that would come about from this. One thing that stands out to me is the thinner years vs. the fatter years, I got near normal around 7th grade though I was still Amazonian and life was night and day. Fat children are blamed, but then you think about all the stress and stigma coming at such a young age and what is that going to do to a person?

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