Friday, August 2, 2013

Graphic Novel

LOL Guess who that is?

I am working on a graphic novel. It is going to be about my life, and deal with life as a very fat woman. I have a cartoon character I have worked on for 20 years. This may sound different but I kept my journals and diaries in graphic form. We are talking 20 books of cartoon happenings I am collating. There is a cartoon version of me, and of people I know. Hey remember I used to be an art teacher!  I am a fan of graphic novels and have read endless of them. This is not super-heros stuff, but graphic novels like Blankets, Fun Home. Jimmy Corrigan, though in my own style. I wish I knew more graphics programs but figured I'll do it, old school drawing and inking on Bristol Boards, and see where it goes.

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