Thursday, August 1, 2013


This graphic makes a good point.


  1. That's apt enough that I almost wish it were true, but it's not.

    'They' didn't tell us we were attacked because 'they hate our freedom'. That's a just-so story made up by American politicians. Al-Qaida were always clear about the fact that they attacked because US troops refused to leave Saudi Arabia. The 'freedom' lie was made up mostly to mask the way American foreign policy also affects Americans back home. It sounds so principled to say you were attacked because you have freedom, but it's as much of a classic vanity persecution mania story as, say, a religious majority saying they're being persecuted for their morals/beliefs.

  2. I agree about the freedom lie. Definitely. Hey it also got Bush's wars rolling, that Obama has continued. I question 9-11, the whole story, google building 7 and various videos. The US is broke and has the army all over the world, we can't afford to be the world's police force!. What is scary to me is how they have absolutely shredded the Constitution and various laws in such a short period of time.

  3. I honestly don't have much time for 'building 7' stuff, because my main source of news at the time 9/11 happened was the engineering periodicals one of the people I lived with read. We didn't have internet or cable or anything like that, and didn't subscribe to any other publications; all we got was engineering magazines and the evening news. So I got a very solid understanding of what physically happened to the WTC, and the building 7/truther stories are very lacking in that regard. One detail they never seem to get is that the jetfuel fire in the buildings kept burning for literally weeks after the attacks.

  4. Have you seen the videos that show the building demolition evidence?

    Mini-explosions on every floor...

    This second video has college professors etc, questioning the official story

    I've studied 9-11 for myself.

    Name me one building that jet fuel had collapse, straight down...

    Oh and google