Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fat Shaming at Old Navy

"Rachel Taylor is taking a personal stand against fat-shaming. The brunette woman is making headlines today after her recent Facebook post went viral, in which she recounts her experience while shopping at Old Navy and shares a disappointing conversation she overheard between a mother and daughter, in which they made fun of a tank top for being large enough to fit multiple people. While the comment was not directed towards Taylor, she admitted, "I couldn't help it; I started crying," adding, "I guess the girl and her mom walked away." "I ended up buying that tank top because, it turns out, I look fierce in it!" Taylor wrote, sharing a dressing room selfie. She later edited her post to include a shout-out to Old Navy, thanking the store for carrying a wide variety of clothing."

Sadly this happens to too many fat women while shopping, fat shaming insults and cracks about larger clothes. She only looks like around a size 18, so those must have been two extremely thin fat phobic women making smart aleck comments about the plus sized clothes. All of us fat women have heard comments about "tents". "muu-muus" and how much fabric plus sized clothes use. It gets old. One hears fat-phobic comments all the time in public even if not personally directed. I'm sure I've heard the same conversation dozens of times during my mid-sized days. Of course us super-duper fat people are never in clothes stores or around anyone thin buying clothes.


  1. actually, she does look pretty good in it. Great! And yes, any doors or companies that support clothing for larger people, I support myself. Roamans is one of the best one(catalog clothing for larger people. (I know that I spelled the name wrong, but that's in the ballpark. I'm not sure whether it's "Roemans" or "Roamans", but you can Google them, I've bought clothing from them for years, and most of it is pretty good quality. Compared to other catalog clothing for larger people.

  2. Yes she does look good in it. I have used Roamans before too. It's pretty good.

  3. Good for Ms. Taylor, and shame on those small minded individuals who think it's okay to make fun of larger people. Such pettiness is something this world could do with a lot less of.

    1. I agree. I am reading this book now called Fat Talk nation, she even has a chapter interestingly enough on how fat people are being oppressed socially even more so then ever before. I plan to report on it as I read. People don't realize the intense discrimination and how it is destroying lives. Look at this on the smaller side of midsized girl and how she couldn't shop for clothes in peace without hearing put downs.